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End your membership anytime, online, no phone call required.

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What other Healthcare Professionals are Saying

The course was really interesting, I liked the approach. It was well managed, my time was managed comfortably, good service, good platform. I would recommend Talisium and this course to my colleagues
— Dr Rosanna Cavalerti
The instructors were great.
They were perfect -
no negative feedback
— Dr P Deepak Kumar
The first two modules were very technical but broken down simply to allow comprehensive understanding & learning. These sessions were also very well presented with excellent slides/timings and pace of commentary
— Darren Watson

Unlimited Access to 1,000+ On-Demand, Online Courses Developed by the Leaders in Health

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Plans & Billing FAQs

How many courses are included in my plan?

It depends on what you have selected.

The Annual membership includes a minimum 1,000 on-demand micro skills courses while the Bundles contain a varying number of courses depending on the specialisation.

Do I get a certificate on completion of my short courses?

Absolutely, on completion of each course you can claim your certificate for proof of completion.

What is Talisium's cancellation policy?

If you have opted for the Annual Membership plan, you may cancel your Talisium membership at any time by clicking on the "cancel subscription" button in your My Account page. Your paid membership will end on the date of your next billing cycle (i.e. the  anniversary of whenever you first paid for your subscription's start).

1. Log into Talisium and access your Account.
2. On this page, you will find a Cancel Subscription button.
3. When clicked, a pop-up message will appear for confirmation.
4. If you proceed, then the My Account page will display a button for the optional reactivation of the same membership plan prior to the renewal date (if available).

What happens when I cancel my Annual Membership?

When you cancel your Annual Membership Plan, this will result in you losing the ability to enrol into the courses and bundles for free after the next billing cycle is due to commence. Until then, you will continue to have full access to the courses in your plan.

Can I reactivate my Annual Membership after I cancel it?

That depends.  If you cancel your membership, days or months before the renewal date, the re-activation button will be shown until the renewal date will pass. After the renewal date passes you will not be able to re-activate it via the Account page.

If you want to subscribe for the Annual Membership Plan again you will need to go ahead and purchase it as new membership.

If more courses are added to my plan after I have signed up, will I get access to them?


If we add more courses to your membership plan or bundle you will automatically gain access to them.

What payment methods do you support?

We currently accept all major credit cards or debit cards to activate your Talisium membership. We do not support invoicing at this time for individual learners.

Is Talisium free?

It is free to register and create an account with Talisium and there may be some free courses offered.  Access to all other courses requires payment through individual course payments (pay as you go), purchasing a bundle or an Annual Membership.