Your own fully branded online academy. 100% white label.

Talisium can build you a website for your online academy that perfectly represents you and your organisation.

We give you complete white labelling so you can be in total control of your brand identity.
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We ensure your online academy is all about your brand and your learners

No hidden Talisium branding. 100% your brand

Remove the Talisium name and brand from your website to ensure your business is all about you. No mention of Talisium within the source code either!

Your fully white-label mobile app 

Turn your online academy into a branded mobile powerhouse.  100% white-label, 100% yours.  100% taken care of and fully managed by Talisium!

Social logins & email with your branding

Allow users to log into your online academy using social platforms branded with your details. Keep your branding consistent across all learners' touch points.

An all-inclusive solution 

Replace an ocean of tools and skip the hassles of multiple vendors and installations. 

We bring everything you need in a single solution with complete flexibility to adapt to your organisation.
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Invest in your brand

  • Invest in trust

    Your learners already trust you, so anything that comes under your brand name, design and company will be more reliable. This increases their willingness to engage with your online academy.
  • Invest in consistency

    We ensure your learners have a seamless experience staying at your own website, the secure environment you have created for their learning, instead of visiting an unfamiliar environment.
  • Develop your funnel with a consistent tone

    Brand consistency will help you while advertising. Using your company logo, colours, fonts, etc. will increase the likelihood of learners enrolling in and completing your courses.

Personalised learning experience

We support you with complete customisation and flexibility for how your site looks and functions for different users. We can create sections, pages, communications and learner journeys that appear only to specific audience segments or devices.
  • Department, Role or Location

    Personalised experience based on a learner's department, role, location or any other variable you require.
  • Device Type

    Personalised experience based on whether users are using smartphones or other devices.
  • Assigned tags

    Personalised experience based on whether users are tagged with specific keywords.
  • Course status

    Personalised experience based on whether users are enrolled in courses or not.

Complete customisation to suit your needs

From advanced and interactive AI learning to group sessions and timed assessments, we will build your learning experience exactly how you want it.

Let's discuss how Talisium can make you a leader in online education

Talisium offers custom online learning solutions for any organisational need. The best way to get a program tailored to your goals is to set up an introductory call with us today.

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