Harness the power of human connection with live meetings

Talk with your learners effectively and create meaningful one-on-one and group connections. Leverage the power of ZOOM, Webex, and Calendly to empower shared learning experiences and real-time conversations.
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Live meetings, vivid learning experiences

Turn your courses into valuable live experiences

We can help bring your people together in active learning experiences that spark curiosity, enable immediate feedback, and inspire participants to build new skills.


Craft memorable personal experiences with 1:1 and group sessions. Talk to your learners, showcase your expertise, build trust & confidence and increase retention.

Upskill with
peer learning

Use live sessions to empower participants to learn from peers and experts by raising hands, participate in breakout rooms, and ask questions in the Q&A.

Instructors personality matters

Unlock the temperament of your experts by doing what they're best at. Bring virtual learning to life, take centre stage, add the personal tone of voice in a connected experience.

Ice-break the anonymous self-pacing learning

Vivify your courses with experiences that break the monotony of online learning. Leverage exclusivity and mass connectivity with one-on-one meetings and live events.

Go live,
go mobile

Connect and engage with your learners regardless of their location, with your own whitelabeled iOS and Android mobile app - fully managed by Talisium.

Explore the live engagement tools in your courses

Participants in courses are more than attendees; they listen and participate.
Take advantage of screen sharing, polls, segments chat, and break out rooms to involve the whole audience.

We make your life easier

Set up the event and let Talisium handle the rest

Simply add your meetings as learning activities in a course, and only enrolled learners can attend or register. Save admin time by creating recurring sessions and generating replay recordings automatically with just one click.

Multiple instructors, multiple live sessions

Run multiple live sessions at the same time by giving instructors the power to plan their live sessions through different Zoom, Webex and Calendly accounts.

Track attendance and export events reports

Talisium automatically extracts attendance from Zoom and provides useful performance reports. However, you can also manually manage attendance.

Let's discuss how Talisium can make you a leader in online education

Talisium offers custom online learning solutions for any organisational need. The best way to get a program tailored to your goals is to set up an introductory call with us today.

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