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Engaging and Motivating Employees

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Course overview
A critical role of leaders is to engage and motivate employees. People who have a positive attitude, care about what their work, and are personally invested in the company’s success are more likely to work harder, perform better, and stay with the company longer. 

Yet it’s common for only half, a third, or even a quarter of a company’s workforce to be truly engaged. The rest of the population is comprised of people who are happy to clock in and out of work, do the bare minimum for their job, and get paid. 

At what point do you step in? How much influence do you have on employee engagement as a leader? And what can you do to boost engagement? In this lesson, you’ll find out why you should make employee engagement a top priority. You’ll also learn strategies for increasing engagement. And you’ll review a checklist that outlines the conditions that foster employee engagement, so you can see if you’re creating a work environment that fulfills them.