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5 Leadership Styles to Boost Performance

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Course overview
Great leaders bring out the best in their teams. They inspire people to action, boost group cohesion, and cultivate an environment of consistent, high-quality performance.But no two teams or situations are the same.

So, how do these leaders do it? The secret lies in the strategy. Great leaders store several possible strategies in their toolbelt. And, depending on the scenario at hand, they’re skilled at switching between styles and knowing when to intervene, when to motivate, and when to let go of the reins.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to boost your leadership success by understanding five of the most commonly used styles: laissez-faire, autocratic, democratic, transformational,  and transactional. First, you’ll learn what a leadership style is and how it differs from a trait. Then, you’ll learn about each of the five styles and when they work best.