About the Course

A comprehensive eLearning course for leaders to increase their awareness of mental health, proficiently manage mental health conditions in the workplace, and help reduce the stigma associated with mental health conditions.

The course is designed to assist your organisation to meet its legal and moral obligations for managing mental health in the workplace.

Course Snapshot

Target Audience
Course Structure

Ideal for all health leaders, including

  • Executive, senior, frontline and emerging leaders and managers who have, or will have direct people leader/manager responsibilities.
The purpose of this course is to provide your leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognise, and effectively manage and support employees in your organisation experiencing a mental health condition.
The course content includes information to:
  • encourage helpful attitudes and behaviours towards employees with a mental health condition,
  • improve mental health condition literacy,
  • recognise the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health conditions,
  • understand relevant roles and responsibilities including the law and mental health conditions, and
  • how to have an effective conversation with someone experiencing a mental health condition.
A 60 minute eLearning course containing interactive content and activities, animations, videos, and includes a comprehensive eToolkit containing additional resources for your organisation and leaders to use after completing the course. 

Mental Health Awareness for Leaders and Managers